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How To Seduce Women Born On December 7 Or Secret Sexual Desires of 10 Million People: Demo From Shan Hai Jing Research Discoveries By A. Davydov & O. Skorbatyuk

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This book reveals, legalizes a recipe of seduction applicable to ALL of approximately 10 million women born on December 7 of common years and provides details about their sexual factor: behavior, preferences, desires, fantasies, dislikes; frequency of sexual activity, potency, preferred positions, attitude towards monogamy and polygamy, sexual orientation, etc. Note that the recipe is will work only on people of sex and date of birth specified above. Whether you are a man or a woman, gorgeous or ugly, rich or poor, young or not so young, now you can test the practical demo information provided in this book right away! This is your chance to match people who already have similar recipes on how to seduce you!


For ANY MAN, the given material provides a recipe, and therefore an opportunity to get any woman born on December 7 of common years into bed within a short period of time, and without the need to invest a lot of energy. If you happen to be married to this woman, you can instantly improve your sex life by implementing this information.


If you are a WOMAN born on December 7 of common years, or know, or meet someone born on this date, you will now know the subconscious secrets of your (her) sexual factor. You can then monitor your (her) interactions with men, compare to the information provided below, understand exactly how you can be seduced, and admit your sexual peculiarities to yourself without feeling ashamed or unaccepted (it is ok to be who you are!).


In the event that you do not know anyone, and are not born on December 7 of common years yourself, there are plenty of ways to find such a person, apply the information provided and enjoy the results, just do a simple search via the Internet. You could also compare the information (or even dare to test it out) on famous women born on this date.


HPA Press publishes works that further the Human Population Academy's mission: to educate people around the world about the laws of human Nature, the Catalog of Human Population Population (Catalog of Human Souls) and research of its source - Shan Hai Jing. (


From the Author

"This book has nothing to do with astrology or mysticism. The information presented here is based on proven scientific research in the field of non-traditional psychoanalysis. As for the birth date, this is explained by natural cycles, nothing more."

"Presenting the Human Population Academy and Shan Hai Jing manuscript research by Andrey Davydov and Olga Skorbatyuk. The scientists' study what turned out to be the ancient source of knowledge of the human psyche (souls), human Nature - Shan Hai Jing (The Collection of Mountains and Seas). The scientists are compiling their main intellectual product - the Catalog of Human Population (Catalog of Human Souls) among other projects. The Laboratory's scientific works and method are accessible in special literature on this topic. The mission of the Human Population Academy is to educate about this research and breakthrough discoveries, the laws of human Nature, the Catalog of Human Population (Souls) and its source Shan Hai Jing.

This book contains instructions and a demo recipe for seduction from materials compiled by the Laboratory. Using this information, anyone can prove the validity and scale of this research for themselves. The recipe is based on the scientific study of Shan Hai Jing and applies to all of approximately 10 million women born on December 7 of common years. Be advised that it does not apply to people born on any other date."

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