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Lean Startup: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Success in Your Business

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Are you in the process of starting a business or are you thinking about it?

Do you want to avoid failure in the first year like so many others?

The advice in this audiobook is essential!

Many businesses fail in the first year, not because the idea isn’t good but often because the owner doesn’t prepare properly for what is to come. Success must begin with the very first step and not halfway towards your goal, otherwise the risk of failure is great.

In this short but impactful audiobook, Lean Startup: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Success in Your Business, you will find just 5 short chapters that contain everything you will need to get started and for maximum chances of success:

Getting organized Getting “in the know” Getting exposure Getting consistent Getting financially accountable

Being ready to face the challenges of a new business is a big part of the success you are seeking. With that preparation, your business can confidently start trading with the assertion that it will have the best chance possible.

Lean Startup is the best investment your business will ever make!

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