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What Does Queer Mean Anyway?: The Quick and Dirty Guide to LGBTQIA+ Vocabulary

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In this clear and concise text Chris Bartlett provides direct explanations for how to use and interpret vocabulary like "queer", "transgender", and "intersex". Writing to those who are unsure of how to talk about alternative sexualities and gender, the author uses case studies and historical examples to unpack this often misused and misunderstood vocabulary.

For much of his life Chris felt unsure of how to politely address and to interact with people who place themselves outside of the traditionally encouraged heterosexual mold. This fear of appearing ignorant or rude led him to avoid interacting with some people and prevented him from sticking up for others when he should have.

The truth is that being uncomfortable and unsure around a new concept does not make anyone a bad person but when that mindset prevents one from being fair and equitable to others then there is a problem. After listening to this Quick and Dirty Guide to LGBTQIA+ Vocabulary you'll be confident enough to ask polite questions about gender and sexuality and informed enough to understand the answers.

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