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Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales Volume 4: Two Spanking Stories: The Collector and Stage Fright

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Real-life spanking enthusiast Raven Merlot is proud to present this series of spanking stories. Getting regular spankings is an important part of her marriage. It can be elaborate, with role play and getting told what a bad girl she is. It can also be casual; over her husband’s knee is a great position to watch reruns of The Office from!

Whether you are a spanking aficionado, just curious, or someone who wishes they could experience the sting of a lover’s hand on your ass Raven is happy to have you join her in her fantasies. 

In The Collector an antiques dealer named Colette finds herself inexplicably drawn back to an old flame, a rival named Julia. Their one night together, years past, had penetrated Colette’s soul and left her craving more. Now Julia beckons Colette back into her life for a night of erotic discipline, made even more memorable by the participation of third beautiful woman. 

In Stage Fright a girl’ Christmas get-together give Judy more than she bargained for. Her friends trick her into attending a BDSM show. As the ladies become more and more aroused Judy feels her innocence evaporate, and then get completely shattered when she becomes a part of the entertainment. 

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