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Necessary Nutrition: How To Supplement Without Supplements, Nourish Yourself Without A Complete Diet Makeover And Feel Great Everyday

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It is nearly impossible for the average person to maintain healthy eating habits in keeping with today's hectic pace of living. Commercially manufactured nutritional supplements belong to an industry that is under-regulated and sketchy at best. Eating a poor diet and attempting to fix what's lacking with processed supplementation products is simply not the answer.

Whole foods must be introduced for this purpose. This audiobook will teach you how to sneak them (along with all their myriad health benefits) into your diet without really changing it in any way.

Written by Eric Morrison, author of Gluten, Sugar, Starch: How to Free Yourself from the Food Addictions That Are Ravaging Your Health and Keeping You Fat—A Paleo Approach, this audiobook references approaches to better nutrition highlighted in that work, but creates an alternative plan for living better for those who have given up on changing the way they eat. Keep your bread, ice cream, and potato chips; just follow the plan and gain some health benefits along the way to make you feel better again.

Breakthroughs in gut microbiota research are startling and have begun to identify gut health as the leading indicator of overall health. Cleaning the gut cleans every other part of the body it would seem. Billions of these microorganisms—some beneficial, some destructive—reside in your gut. In a healthy individual, there is a delicate interplay and balance between species of gut flora interacting in healthful symbiosis. When the gut is in distress, it becomes a harbor for disease and other maladies.

This plan promotes introducing gut-friendly foods that are either probiotic, fermented, prebiotic, or nutrient dense in an effort to repopulate the gut with colonies of beneficial microbes and to lessen the incidence of disease by crowding out harmful strains of gut-dwelling bacteria.

Eat better and feel good again without losing the foods you love.

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