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Poppy McVie Mysteries: Books 1-3

18 hours


Book One - Operation Tropical Affair

A ruthless Costa Rican smuggling ring…

...Earth’s rarest animals traded on the black market.

One woman is ready to blow it wide open.

Special Agent Poppy McVie’s passion is wildlife, and the sight of beautiful creatures suffering in stifling crates pushes her to the brink. She and her special ops team have the means to stop those behind the atrocity and save the animals, but it means betting her life on a precarious scheme guaranteed to make her handsome new partner furious. Should she trust her instincts and go for broke, or play by a book that’s failed to work so far?

As events spin out of control and the danger escalates, Poppy must risk it all to confront a cutthroat gang that will stop at nothing, including the slaughter of everyone around her. Will her unorthodox ploy succeed and bring the miscreants to justice, or will her Costa Rica mission be her last?

Book Two - Operation Orca Rescue

The ocean’s biggest enemy is back on the water… for a major catch worth millions.

One woman will risk her life to keep the orcas safe.

Book Three - Operation Grizzly Camp

In the wilds of Alaska an animal lover confronts an impossible choice.

Kill an innocent creature or expose a top secret operation.

Shaking, she shoulders her rifle and fingers the trigger…

From sweltering inland jungles to sun-drenched beaches, if you love Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and tenacious female protagonists, these exotic adventures are for you. Grab your copy now!

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