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Ghost of the Between World: The Complete Volume

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Rejected by god, protected by love, her spirit is virtue. 

Mya signs a contract with the goddess, agreeing to save a thousand innocent souls to redeem herself from a minor sin. As the youngest deity in the court, she has it all: Intelligence, power, and an army under her command.

Saving and thousand humans should be a walk in the park to her.

But more than a thousand years after signing the contract, she still walks the Earth, trying to pay off the impossible debts. Before she gives it all up, Zach comes along.

She is witty. He is passionate. They love each other. But is that enough to get Mya out of trouble?

Ghost of the Between World is a romantic urban fantasy series, filled with action adventure, mythology and a lot of shapeshifting and magic. Grab the series and join thousands of readers who have fallen in love with the Multiverse Collection.

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