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TEN DARK TALES Of Mystery & Suspense

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Inspired by and in the tradition of classic authors like Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe, TEN DARK TALES is a dazzling collection of short stories. Ten gripping tales of mystery and suspense.

Starting with four mysteries filled with twists and murder, noir and adventure, the next three tales lead further into realms of imagination, and the final three add sharp and palpable tension, with hints of myth and magic.

TEN DARK TALES is sure to widen your eyes and stretch your imagination. One by one the screws are tightened…and with each turn comes spine-tingling surprises…

Intricate plots and vivid atmospheres abound, harkening back to those great authors while blending classic with contemporary style.

Highly engaging, the stories cover an amazing range of subjects: stolen priceless jewels; a locked room high-tech museum break-in; a couple sailing through a Caribbean storm; a Valentine's Day romance like no other; an evening of classical music with a haunting violin solo; two publishers uncovering an ancient manuscript; a city night when a man confronted by an old pianist; a real estate tycoon encountering a mysterious girl in the forest; two Eighteenth century hunters finding a hidden valley in the wilderness; and a package…Special Delivery, right to your doorstep.

TEN DARK TALES is your entry point into not just one, but several stunning worlds. A noteworthy collection, it is certain to be widely read and talked about by lovers of the genre and new readers, enjoyed for years to come.


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