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Urdu Adab Ki Muntakhib Tehreerain, Vol. 3

55 minutes


1)Manto Fasadaat Par:The literary critic Muhammad Hasan Askari invites the reader to contemplate Manto’s approach towards writing on Partiton, which neither highlights the brutality of the oppressor nor the plight of the victim, but rather, highlights the complexity of human nature itself. 2) Baray Aadmi: In this short story, we meet the innocent and vibrant Zakiya Begum who extends her heart to many, but is unable to recognise the manipulative tendencies of those around her. 3) Hamid ka Bacha :Saadat Hasan Manto’s short story addresses hypocrisy and duplicity of standards through the story of Hamid and Babu Hargopal.

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