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The End of Money: Coming Soon to your Wallet

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The End of Money. No more Bills. No more dimes, nickels, and quarters weighing down your pockets. And no more worries about losing your wallet.
Because soon, Money, as we know it, will be dead. Killed by Cryptocurrency. Blasted by Bitcoin. That's what the experts say is going to happen.
But is the financial future in their Crystal balls a clear one? Or, are there some clouds? Some uncertainties? Some problems with, as yet, no solution?
And, worse yet, some potentially insurmountable tech obstacles that we're not even aware of?
The short, and honest answer, is that anything is possible.
But although the prospect of digital currency may conjure images of robotic control and manipulation, the positives, according to financial guru Chas Munger, outweigh the negatives.
He advises keeping a very open mind to the changes occuring now in the Global financial sphere. In in this book, he explains how you and your finances will be more secure than ever, with the End of Money.

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