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Finance & Prosperity: Over 220 Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Divine Favor, Financial Blessings and Money

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Human wants are unlimited while the means of satisfying them are often limited, this makes finance a very important issue in the life of everyone aspiring to rule his world in this millennium. The blessings of Abraham are yours, also divine prosperity by general conduct is your portion when you walk humbly with your Creator with supplication.

Building on this understanding, this book contains over 220 prayers that are capable of releasing financial blessings upon your life, and raise your finances in no time.The prayers in this book are not meant to be prayed casually, they are highly spiritual. You are to pray the prayers in this book with all seriousness. Pray most of them repeatedly before moving to the next prayer.

These prayers will also be great for midnight prayers.I look forward to your testimonies as you read this book and add the wisdom and Grace in it to your life and family.


Prayers for Financial Wisdom Prayers for Blessings Prayers for Divine Favor Prayers for Financial Elevation Prayers for Greatness and Anointing of Ease Using The Right Tongues When Praying In The Holy Ghost Prayer Pattern to command your breakthrough

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