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How To Pray To God For Financial Miracles And Blessings: Over 230 Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers for Deliverance, Breakthrough & Divine Favor

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Are you having challenges in your finances? Are you worried about how you can have perpetual control over the forces of darkness ministering confusion into your life and aspirations? Do you believe your prosperity is still within reach, and can be received and sustained?

This book is meant to transform every ugly situation the devil has orchestrated your way and install God’s agenda in your life. This book will equip you with over 230 Holy Spirit inspired prayers for deliverance, prosperity and divine favor that will strengthen you spiritually to win the devil hands down always, and claim your detained and incoming blessings, in a way never before.

The prayers in this book will cover all areas you need prayer in your life, you will only be able to appreciate the book when you go through all the prayers. This is because the prayers are spiritually discerned and arranged. Pray most of them repeatedly before moving to the next prayer. These prayers are also good for midnight prayers.


Prayers for Financial Wisdom and Open Heaven Prayers for Deliverance and Making Money Prayers for Restoring your Inheritance Prayers for Release of Detained Blessings Prayers for Finding Favor from Man and God

I look forward to your arrays of testimonies as you read this book and add the wisdom and Grace in it to your life and family.

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