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Wrathful Wonderland: The Looking-Glass Curse

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Four ways to piss off the Queen of Hearts:

1. Have a name that sounds kind of like Alice.

2. Change the decor in her favorite club.

3. Destroy the magic she's used to hold Wonderland in her cruel grasp.

4. Fail to offer your head in penance.

I didn't come to this bizarre, intoxicating place looking for trouble, but I've sure as hell found it. As the Queen retaliates viciously against the Spades' rebellion, it's up to me and the three alluring men I've allied with to save Wonderland before so many innocents lose their heads.

Easier said than done. With Hatter tapping into his inner Mad, Chess pulling a vanishing act, and the White Knight revealing secrets darker than I could have imagined, everything I counted on here has turned upside down. When the swords come out, will I even be able to save myself?

Contains mature themes.

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