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Spiritual Warfare Prayers: 230 Prayers for Success and Activating Miracles Of Prayer

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God is known by the signs and wonders He performs. He is gracious and full of compassion, more so, His tender mercy are over all His works. He daily loads us with blessings, and never wants us to lack any good thing. However, most people have been denied the Lord’s goodness by the devil, and have tried on their own using diverse means to grab the Lord’s blessings but the devil has been so crafty, preventing them from enjoying the fruit of their labor. This is against God’s plan for you and anyone so afflicted in this way. This informed why this book has been orchestrated your way right now.

This spiritual warfare book contains over 230 inspired prayers that will enable you win battles against Satan and his agents, and activate the needed miracles in your life. The prayers are spiritually and systematically arranged.


Prayers for Release of Detained Blessings Prayers for Finding Favor from Man and God Prayers for Restoring your Inheritance Prayers for Financial Wisdom and Open Heaven Prayers for Deliverance and Making Money

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