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Prayers For Victory In Spiritual Warfare: Over 220 Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Deliverance and Breakthrough

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The desire of everyone in life is to be self-sufficient, becomes wealthy and enjoys divine health and longevity. Unfortunately, certain forces of darkness often create obstacles between us and our pre-planned goals, and the quality life we yearn to live. Many have tried repeatedly to overcome these barriers, even prayerfully, to no avail. This is the essence of this book on prayers for spiritual warfare.

This book contains over 220 spiritual warfare prayers that will give you uncommon deliverance against the devil and his agents, and connect you to prosperity and breakthroughs in no time, as you pray the prayers inside this book fervently. The prayers are spiritually and systematically arranged.


Prayers For Financial Breakthroughs Prayers For Favor Prayers On Financial Possession Prayers On Wisdom To Get Money Prayers For Release Of Blessings

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