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The Confusion Experiment: a 100 day journey from the head to the heart and beyond

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This experiment began with one simple question: Can meditation heal confusion? With nothing more than her phone's timer and camera, Camille set out for the answer.

"The Confusion Experiment" chronicles the one hundred days in which Camille meditated for an hour every day, captured her experience on video and then uploaded it to social media. It also exposes what meditation is and what it isn't, the difficulties of caregiving, the importance of embracing change as an essential element to healthy living, the role of the mind and the thoughts it produces, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the return of the heart as our true GPS. This remarkable story takes you deep inside the messy, painful, scary and yet sacred journey of the transformation of the self. Camille's willingness to bare all, to be completely real, raw and vulnerable makes this personal exploration a universal experience.

"The Confusion Experiment" consists of three informal parts. The first section, chapters one through seven, tell the story of what led to the experiment and Camille's weekend with transformational coach, Kyle Cease. The second section, "The 100 Days," includes the edited transcripts of the one hundred videos that make up the experiment. Lastly are the experiment's findings in which Camille shares the lessons learned from this deep dive into the self.

"In the end, what I came to realize through my experience is that though there may be confusion, I am not confusion. Big difference. It's also actually possible to be in the midst of confusion and not be confused! Confusion often gets a bad reputation, however, it serves a purpose once you understand why it's there."

Foreword by New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker, Kyle Cease."She is my hero."

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