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Dragon's Guardian: Reign of Chaos: Book 1
Dragon's Guardian: Reign of Chaos: Book 1
Dragon's Guardian: Reign of Chaos: Book 1
Audiobook10 hours

Dragon's Guardian: Reign of Chaos: Book 1

Written by Ava Richardson

Narrated by Amy Soakes

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

If she can’t bond with a dragon she’ll be expelled for good…

After three unsuccessful terms at Alveria’s Dragon Akademy, seventeen-year-old tamer trainee Mari has one last chance to bond with a dragon. If she fails, her dream of joining the Dragon Guard alongside the troubled Crown Prince, will be over for good. And that is not something she's willing to accept.

Prince Kai has been stuck in his dragon form for two years, making any normal public life impossible. Unable to shift back into human form, he fears he will lose control of his magic as his draconian instincts grow more powerful every day. He's burnt through dozens of tamers, so when Mari appears at the palace he's intrigued by her determination, but certain it will be another flop.

When a sudden sickness spreads through the land and new, shadow-born monsters terrorize Alveria, Mari and Kai might be the only people who can stop it. But Mari’s hiding a secret connection to the beasts, and it may already be too late...

Can they form a bond and stop Alveria from falling into chaos?

Queen of the Dragons Ava Richardson invites you to immerse yourself in a dragon-filled world with epic magic, fearless heroes and, at its heart, the deep bond between dragon and rider.

Release dateAug 13, 2020
Dragon's Guardian: Reign of Chaos: Book 1

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Reviews for Dragon's Guardian

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
    I have read several of Ava Richardson’s books especially the Torvalds series. It’s really hard to follow the queen of dragons which is Anne McCaffrey yet I have enjoyed her earlier issues and I have searched the list of a Richardson’s books. I kept looking often to find audiobooks by her and it’s not so much that I don’t like the story it’s just that I can’t get through it. I am sorry but the narrator is definitely not the narrator for Ava‘s dragon books. It makes me think of a eight year old girl very girly telling the tale. I just can’t get behind it which is disappointing because I really do like audiobooks as well as reading I may try to read this instead and see where it takes me but I will have to look up and see what else Ava has for audio and see if by chance she has a different narrator. I feel like I’m reading a children’s book with this narrator. I’m very sorry to the person who reads the book but these is just my own opinion. This is an interesting story, especially if interested In all that entails with a person bonding with a dragon. I’m going to go to my Kindle and read it instead and re-issue another review