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The Trunk: Deceit and Intrigue in the last Desperate Days of the Nazi Third Reich

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The Trunk: Deceit and Intrigue in the last Desperate Days of the Nazi Third Reich

Length: 11 hours


Don and Connie Jurgens bury their last parent. They find a trunk in the attic with a diary that reveals the activities of Don's parents during World War II. They were spies for the Third Reich. The diaries detail their clandestine activities smuggling information to the Nazis that is critical to the development of Project Manhattan - the atomic bomb. But the diaries end abruptly when the Nazis try a deadly double cross on their parents. They had involved their parents in a diabolical scheme to inflict horrible damage and massive loss of life on St. Louis, and they intended to kill them if the scheme was successful.

It all unfolds in South St. Louis where there is a split in the mostly German population. Many are not so supportive of the United States’ support for the British against their “old country.” But the strings are being pulled from Berlin. The only way Don and Connie can find out the true secret is to go to the war-torn city of the Third Reich where they are confronted by several of the most powerful and diabolical of Hitler's War Council.

Fifty years later Don and Connie try to unravel the thread and salvage the family's name. But they are not alone in their quest for the pot of gold proffered by the Nazis to perpetrate the plot. It all comes to a climax on a high bridge over the Mississippi River when Don and Connie go for the Brass Ring to destroy the plot forever and gain the prize

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