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Our Livable World: Creating the Clean Earth of Tomorrow
Our Livable World: Creating the Clean Earth of Tomorrow
Our Livable World: Creating the Clean Earth of Tomorrow
Audiobook12 hours

Our Livable World: Creating the Clean Earth of Tomorrow

Written by Marc Schaus

Narrated by Matthew Boston

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About this audiobook

There's finally reason to hope. Climate change is the existential threat of our time, but incredible new advancements in science and engineering can allow us to avoid the worst repercussions of global warming as we work to reverse it over time. In Our Livable World, research specialist and author Marc Schaus leads listeners in an exploration of the newest and upcoming innovations in green technology poised to prevent the climate apocalypse—and usher in a sustainable, livable world.

To beat a challenge the size of climate change, our solutions will have to be ambitious: solar energy coatings that can be applied like paint, "smart highways" designed to charge your vehicle as you drive, indoor vertical farms automated to maximize crop growth with no pesticides, bioluminescent vines ready to one day replace our streetlights, jet fuel created from landfill trash—and next-generation carbon capture techniques to remove the emissions we have already released over the past several decades. Far from the geoengineering schemes of cli-fi action thrillers: real solutions are being developed, right this moment. Our Livable World features interviews with the innovators, real talk on the revolutionary technology, and a clear picture of a cleaner planet in the future.
PublisherTantor Audio
Release dateJan 12, 2021

Marc Schaus

Marc Schaus is a professional research specialist across the sciences for research ventures, craft product manuals, and policymakers. He is the author of Post Secular: Science, Humanism and the Future of Faith, and has written articles that have appeared in Areo Magazine, Free Inquiry Magazine, The Huffington Post, Patheos,and the academic journal Antennae. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

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