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Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller
Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller
Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller
Audiobook9 hours

Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

Written by Jeff Altabef

Narrated by Timothy G. Little

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Following an amazing new technology engineered to make people smarter, a series of gruesome murders occurs, and a mystery develops that’s so dark, it threatens everyone.

  • GOLD MEDAL WINNER: Readers’ Favorite Book Award - Fiction - Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

A war is brewing between angels and demons, and like it or not, we’ll all have to choose sides. Steven Cabbott, a Nephilim born of a fallen angel father and a human mother, has chosen the side of angels, a curious decision for a killer like him.

Still, an angel promised him that redemption is possible—even for him—and the angel needed warriors on his side. Did he tell the truth? Steven hopes so, but doesn’t know whom to trust. Nonetheless, he must solve the mystery behind a series of gruesome murders before it’s too late, because he’s certain of this one thing: everyone’s soul is at stake.

If you like Jim Butcher, Michael Anderle, Shayne Silvers, or K.F. Breene, you’ll love the critically acclaimed “A Nephilim Thriller” series.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS an intriguing, thrilling look inside the great battle between good and evil, possibly leading to the End of Days, with the second book in the multiple award-winning “A Nephilim Thriller” series of supernatural thrillers.

US Review of Books says, “This second book in the author’s ‘A Nephilim Thriller’ series continues to draw readers into its supernatural-tinged dystopian storyline with its fast action, creative plot, and well-developed characters. The author dives deeper into and expands on the religious, mythological lore of angels and demons and succeeds at making it palpable and relatable without being too hokey. The idea that technology can be used as a vehicle for evil is an old concept, but it’s particularly appropriate and clever in this novel.”

Release dateNov 27, 2020
Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

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