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Santa's Stocking Stuffers
Santa's Stocking Stuffers
Santa's Stocking Stuffers
Audiobook2 hours

Santa's Stocking Stuffers

Written by Laurel Landon

Narrated by David Black and Amanda Stribling

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

If a Big Mart Santa could grant your Christmas wish, what would it be?

           Would it be NAUGHTY or NICE?

           Meet Nick. A seasonal Big Mart Santa who brings very special stocking stuffers to those most in need. He's almost magical with what he delivers to them at the Motel 6 where he stays during the holiday season. 

           Don't believe in Santa? Well, just ask Sonya, Libby, Lacey, and Brandon if you need convincing. This holiday season the Big Mart Santa gave each of them something from the top of their list!

           ADULT CONTENT

Release dateNov 1, 2017
Santa's Stocking Stuffers

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