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4.5/5 (20 ratings)
Feb 10, 2021


Waking up next to a stranger wearing a wedding ring was not on the itinerary.

I came to Las Vegas for a quick girl’s trip, but somehow ended up a married woman. What I thought would stay in Vegas followed me back to my small town of Sunrise Bay, Alaska.

Of course, my new husband—MMA champion fighter, Logan Stone—couldn’t find me alone at my house to tell me he wants to give our impromptu nuptials a shot. He has to tell me in front of my entire family and half the town. 

The two of us couldn’t be more opposite, but he offers me a deal I can’t refuse which involves me pretending we’re happily married for three months. Yeah, a lot of things can change in that short amount of time, most importantly catching feelings for a man whose lifestyle I despise.

Feb 10, 2021

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20 ratings / 2 Reviews
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Reader reviews

  • (3/5)
    Not one of my favourites from the series so far
  • (3/5)
    Book was really enjoyable until the last 4-5 chapters. It ended way too fast without wrapping up some pretty important elements. Basically skipped all the angst and flew straight to an epilogue.

    Feels like a couple chapters were missed.