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Pawsitively Secretive
Pawsitively Secretive
Pawsitively Secretive
Audiobook9 hours

Pawsitively Secretive

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Not all secrets are meant to be kept.

After two stressful months, Amber Blackwood is determined to have a few weeks of peace before the Here and Meow Festival descends on her small town of Edgehill, Oregon. That peace doesn’t last long; when she and the committee attend a meeting at the mayor’s house, Amber is pulled aside by the mayor’s daughter, Chloe, who Amber babysat for in high school. The mayor has forbidden Chloe from dating, but she recently met an older boy through a chat app and is desperate to meet him. Amber advises Chloe to tell her father about the boy.

Hours later, Mayor Deidrick frantically puts in a call to Amber: Chloe, the always well-behaved teenager, seems to have snuck out her bedroom window—and now she’s not answering his calls. When Amber helps search the town for the girl, she happens upon Chloe’s abandoned car. Her driver’s side door is open, and while her purse is inside, her phone is gone.

Working alongside Chief Brown, Amber uses her magic to figure out what might have happened to Chloe. The more they dig, the more they unearth secrets about the mayor. The charismatic politician has both a hair-trigger temper and a suspicious death linked to his past.

As if the mayor’s increasingly strange behavior isn’t bad enough, Amber and the chief also contend with an out-of-town private investigator, nosy reporter Connor Declan, and an even nosier population of Edgehill residents who start to question why Amber and the chief are spending so much time together. Undaunted by these obstacles, Amber races against the clock to help ensure Chloe doesn’t become another statistic—assuming the mayor doesn’t stop her first.

Release dateMay 8, 2020
Pawsitively Secretive

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    In an attempt to distract herself from stressing over events from two months ago, Amber has immersed herself in planning for the upcoming Here and Meow Festival. Amber's search for inner peace doesn't last long. Chloe Deidrick, daughter of the mayor and fellow committee member, has gone missing. It becomes a race against the clock to find out what happened to Chloe.Pawsitively Secretive is the third in the Witch of Edgehill series by Melissa Erin Jackson. For a cozy mystery I am impressed with the amount of character building in this installment. Many of the side characters are gaining more depth. I wish I had a friend like Kim. It's good that Amber finally has a friend she can trust! The mystery is well plotted and not predictable which made it more enjoyable. The reunion scene at the end was so well done it made me a little misty eyed.Even with the mystery solved the author managed to end the story on a personal bombshell for Amber. What is it with me choosing books with these kind of endings lately?