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Tracing Invisible Threads
Tracing Invisible Threads
Tracing Invisible Threads
Audiobook12 hours

Tracing Invisible Threads

Written by C. Fonseca

Narrated by Cat Gould

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Family secrets, strange coincidences, and stolen kisses with an alluring librarian are woven into this evocative, opposites-attract, lesbian romantic suspense.

Globe-trotting photographer Eleanor Heysen is edgy, sexy, and just passing through.

When a family mystery emerges while she's back home in Melbourne, Eleanor crosses paths with intoxicating historian Alexa Bellamy. The self-assured picture-collections manager is irresistible.

Steamy kisses between the stacks at the State Library are one thing, but what happens when the ever-curious Eleanor shakes Alexa's family tree, and dark secrets tumble out?

Alexa is in an emotional free-fall, overwhelmed by her broody, spirited, and likely fleeting admirer, and the fear and betrayal stirred up from the truth about Alexa's ancestors.

Is the invisible thread that brought the women together strong enough to pull them tighter? Or could it unravel and, just as Alexa fears, Eleanor will disappear?

Contains mature themes.
PublisherTantor Audio
Release dateAug 3, 2021

C. Fonseca

As a small child, C. Fonseca had imaginary friends. She told these friends stories and her family set them places at the dinner table. When she grew up, she lost the imaginary friends but she continued writing stories and poetry.She was an executive chef for many years until a car accident stopped her in her tracks and forced her to change direction and become a tech geek. She is nowknown in her community as the “help-desk”.She lives by the sea, with her Kiwi partner of fifteen years and their beloved Burmese cat. She is an expressionist landscape painter and can often be found at a cliff-top platform overlooking the Southern Ocean, daydreaming, plotting and planning her creative adventures.

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