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Prince of Deceit
Prince of Deceit
Prince of Deceit
Audiobook13 hours

Prince of Deceit

Written by Alianne Donnelly

Narrated by Charlie Sanderson

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Wilderheim’s worst fears have come true. The Veil is shattered and Ragnarok is coming for them all. Prince Fal is now the only one left to stand against the destruction of his kingdom—but how can he save his people, when he can’t even save himself? Overwhelmed by his own magic, Fal is shrouded in constant illusions that make a lie of him as well as the world around him. If he can’t find a cure, he’ll soon lose himself completely, and Wilderheim’s last hope of survival will disappear. His one chance is the old carver’s peculiar daughter, whose very touch somehow makes Fal’s illusions vanish. But Sanja has problems of her own—ones that might kill her before she can do anything to help Fal, or his kingdom. With time quickly running out, Fal and Sanja must find a way to save themselves and stop Ragnarok in its tracks before it’s too late. When armies march, an age will end…

Release dateJul 16, 2021
Prince of Deceit

Alianne Donnelly

Alianne Donnelly is an avid lover of stories of all kinds. Raised on a healthy diet of fairy tales in a place where they almost seemed real, she grew into a writer who seeks magic in the modern age and enjoys sharing a little bit of it with the world through every story she writes. Her books span the spectrum from fantasy to science fiction with varying degrees of romance sprinkled throughout. Alianne now lives in California, where she spends her free time reading, writing, and daydreaming. To find out more about her books and works in progress, visit her website at aliannedonnelly.com.

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