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One Night with Her Bachelor
One Night with Her Bachelor
One Night with Her Bachelor
Audiobook6 hours

One Night with Her Bachelor

Written by Kat Latham

Narrated by Lidia Dornet and Gregory Salinas

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Bid on a date with this wounded warrior for an unforgettable night of adventure. Aim high—and bid higher!—because no one comes close to local hero Gabriel Morales.

Molly Dekker hates being the town charity case, but when her son Josh is seriously injured she has no choice. She lets her best friend organize a bachelor auction to help pay her massive bills and make Josh’s life more comfortable. She can’t bid on any of the men, but a surprise bidder gives her a gift she never expected: a date with the man who saved her son’s life—the only one she’s in danger of losing her heart to.

Former Air Force pararescueman Gabriel Morales made a career of flying to the rescue, until a tragic helicopter crash stole more than his livelihood. Being auctioned off like a slab of beef isn’t in his recovery plan. But one look, one touch and one night unlocking Molly’s pent-up passion make him realize how badly he needs to be rescued…and how badly he wants to rescue Molly right back.

Will Molly and Gabriel’s never-quit attitude have them rushing head-first into love? Or will their relationship stall before it can get off the ground?

Release dateOct 4, 2021
One Night with Her Bachelor

Kat Latham

Kat Latham is a California girl who moved to Europe the day after graduating from UCLA, ditching her tank tops for raincoats. She taught English in Prague and worked as an editor in London before she and her British husband moved to the Netherlands. Kat’s other career involves writing and editing for charities, and she’s traveled to Kenya, Ethiopia and India to meet heroic people helping their communities survive disasters.Find out more on her website: katlatham.com.

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Reviews for One Night with Her Bachelor

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Fabulous Story & Audiobook Listen! Gripping & Heartfelt!

    This is a wonderful romance novel, the story is well written with interesting and original storylines that captivated my attentions and tugged on my heartstrings the entire book. The characters are realistic, relatable, easy to connect with and care about. Gabriel Morales, a former Air Force Pilot who worked on the Pararescue team, his last mission was a tragic one, he lost his friend and a part of himself, he is not adjusting well to civilian life or his injuries or survivors guilt and PTSD. He has become a recluse, choosing to live his life off the grid. Going into town for supplies when necessary but it is not easy for him to deal with others, running into his deceased friend’s sister was both good and bad, it was great to see her but it stirred up his feelings in a most unexpected way. He gets to see her again but it happens on one of the worst days of her life, the day she almost lost her son, the son Gabriel rescued. Molly Dekker, a divorcee, is raising her son, Josh, on her own and is doing the best she can, but after an accident leaves him severely injured she incurs a huge debt and is struggling to make ends meet. Her good friend rallies the people in town to hold a fundraiser to help with her medical bills. She had a guardian angel who was secretly helping her and she had an idea who it was and it was confirmed when she arrived back home with her son. What a sweetheart Gabriel was and knowing his frame of mind and then seeing him show up to volunteer himself as one of the bachelors to be auctioned off just melted my heart, as did the scene with Josh at that auction. I loved how everything played out in this book, it is a beautifully plotted story that contains drama, a touch of angst, some humor, lots of heartfelt and emotional moments and some sweet and spicy romance.

    ~ And for the wonderful narration, Kat Latham could not have chosen a better cast to bring her characters and story to life, Lidia Dornet and Gregory Salinas are talented narrators and versatile voice performers. They had a complete understanding of the characters they portrayed, gave each a voice that fit that character’s persona to a tee, sounding believable in every role they played and just as I pictured the character to sound. You could hear how much heart they put into their work as they captured the characters’ emotions and projected them into their performance. They set the perfect tone for the story, handled the witty dialogue with ease and landed the humor effortlessly, never missing a beat. Thank you for the wonderfully entertaining listen.