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Audiobook7 hours


Written by L. Setterby

Narrated by David Connor

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook


Small town police officer Simon Labelle repressed his attraction to shopgirl Leona Chaisty for years. He's good at controlling his feelings—or he used to be, before the bombing that he can't solve, that he should have prevented. Now, after a chance encounter with Leona at the lake, Simon can't get her out of his head. All those high school fantasies roar to life.


Leona is drawn to the intensity in Simon's pretty-boy blue eyes. But he's a good man, and she’ll never know how to love. Still, unlike everyone else, Simon acts like she might actually have a heart. The more time they spend together, the more she wishes he were right.


After a second unsolved case pulls them together, their chemistry rattles them both, and hints at an unsettling desire that Simon struggles to suppress. Leona pushes Simon to decide what he wants, while Simon, already falling for his dream girl, finally gets her to admit that she's lonely. Each challenges the other to reveal more, to cede control, to be vulnerable. But they're both more fragile than they appear. It's only a matter of time before one pushes too hard, and the other breaks.

“I inhaled this story. After a string of reads that ranged from forgettable to dreadful, dare I say it? This book may have saved my life. I must have ALL the L. Setterby books now.” ~The Misadventures of Super Librarian

BREATHE is the first book in the gritty and suspenseful Grenton PD contemporary romance series. Although the series may be most enjoyable when read in order, each book tells a complete love story and stands alone. Content warnings: Depression and suicidal ideation.

Editor's Note

BDSM and Murder...

Setterby opens her “Grenton PD” series with “Breathe,” at once a compelling story about a growing BDSM relationship and a small-town romance with a mystery element. The hero is a police officer who’s struggling with what his life means, and why he’s drawn so much to a woman he’s known since high school. The heroine is confident about her sexual desires, and knows she wants the hero — even though she presumes their relationship will have an expiration date. Delicately and beautifully written.

Release dateOct 19, 2021

L. Setterby

L. Setterby writes gritty, suspenseful contemporary romance. As London Setterby, she also writes modern-day Gothics and fantasy romances. Under both names, she writes across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. London lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and toddler. She is usually covered in cracker crumbs.

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Reviews for Breathe

Rating: 4.326732673267327 out of 5 stars

101 ratings2 reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    Note - The first 25% was nearly a DNF but I am glad that I finished it.

    4 Stars for me!

    My rating range of this story... 1 - 4 Stars
    If significant, why? It started out as an instructional documentary and the angst was off the chart.

    Main Character Ratings...
    H = 5/10
    h = 6/10

    Narrator Rating(s)
    M = 6/10
    F = n/a
    If below 5/10,why?

    Was cheating involved? No
    Any major triggers to be aware of? No

    Angst Level? Please Stop!!!
    Light, Moderate, Heavy or Please Stop

    Scenes with heat... Yes
    What point does it start? 10%
    How much of the story? 25%
    Anything beyond M/F? No
    If yes, explained

    Heat Rating... 8/10
    Clean or Fade to Black - 1 or 2
    Normal to Descriptive 3-5
    Detailed Descriptive Sex - 6-7
    Um, Wow, Beyond Descriptive Sex - 8 or above

    Was there so much sex or unrealistic sex that you rolled your eyes and/or skipped forward? Yes

    The back story... The blurb says it all!

    The Romance... Mostly sex but there was a whisper of emotions once you get past the emotional wall.

    The drama explosion... The H freaks out
    Did it feel Real, OK or contrived? Contrived
    Was it OTT? A bit
    Separation involved? Yes
    Was it resolved properly or rushed? Ok

    Final Notes...

    HEA or HFN? HFN

    2 people found this helpful

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    I didn't think I'd enjoy this story, but I was happily mistaken. The story was suspenseful, interesting and tastefully kinky.

    3 people found this helpful