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The Prophet
The Prophet
The Prophet
Audiobook1 hour

The Prophet

Written by Khalil Gibran

Narrated by James Held

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

I go with the wind, people of Orphalese, but not down into emptiness; And if this day is not a fulfilment of your needs and my love, then let it be a promise till another day.”


The beloved prophet Almustafa (meaning “The Chosen One”) has lived within the city walls of Orphalese for twelve years. He has walked among the people and formed a deep connection to the place, but he knows this is not where he ultimately belongs. On the seventh day of Ielool (“the month of reaping”), Almustafa climbs a hill beyond the boundaries of the city wall and gazes out across the misty sea. He is filled with joy as he catches sight of the ship that has come to free him from exile. As he bids farewell to the people of Orphalese, Almustafa speaks with them on the topics closest to their hearts. His series of sermons form the 28 prose poems of this book.


The Prophet is a work of fiction, written by Lebanese-American artist, poet, and philosopher Kahlil Gibran. Gibran was a key figure in Arabic literary modernist movement, which spanned the first half of the twentieth century. As a product of his culturally-rich upbringing, Gibran’s work beautifully blends religious traditions and philosophies from around the world.

Release dateJan 17, 2023

Khalil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran (Djubran Kahlil Djubran) nasceu em 1883 em Bcharré, uma aldeia maronita cristã nas montanhas do Norte do Líbano. A sua infância foi de uma pobreza extrema e, em 1895, emigrou para os EUA com a mãe e os irmãos. Vivia com a família nos bairros degradados de Bóston quando o seu talento artístico chamou a atenção do fotógrafo e editor Fred Holland. Através de Holland, Kahlil começou a frequentar os círculos literários e artísticos de Bóston. Regressou ao Líbano para terminar os seus estudos e partiu em 1908 para Paris, onde estudou com Auguste Rodin. Em 1912 mudou-se para Nova Iorque, onde se dedicou à pintura e escreveu para alguns jornais árabes. Desde a publicação das suas primeiras obras, foi considerado uma figura de grande importância na literatura árabe moderna. Com a publicação de O Profeta, em 1923, a sua reputação literária ficou definitivamente estabelecida. Faleceu em 1931.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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