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Acting the Part
Acting the Part
Acting the Part
Audiobook8 hours

Acting the Part

Written by Z.R. Ellor

Narrated by Vico Ortiz

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This delightfully tropey teen romance perfect for fans of Ashley Poston and Lyla Lee follows a queer teen actor navigating their gender identity—while pretending to date their co-star.  

Queer actor Lily Ashton has found fame playing lesbian warrior Morgantha on the hit TV show Galaxy Spark. Lily knows how little representation queer girls have, so when the showrunners reveal that Morgantha’s on-screen love interest, Alietta, is going to be killed off, Lily orchestrates an elaborate fake-dating scheme with the standoffish actress who plays her, to generate press and ensure a happy ending for the #Morganetta ship.

But while playing a doting girlfriend on- and off-screen, Lily struggles with whether a word like “girl” applies to them at all.

Lily’s always been good at playing a part. But are they ready to share their real self, even if it means throwing everything they’ve fought for away?

Editor's Note

Brave authenticity…

When writers of the teen fantasy show “Galaxy Spark” decide to squash the show’s only queer relationship, actors Lily and Greta plot a fake dating scheme in real life, hoping positive press will convince the showrunners to change their minds. Meanwhile, Lily questions their gender identity after bonding with a fellow queer gamer. “Acting the Part” may include traditional tropes, but this YA romance digs deep into identity, sexuality, and representation while applauding brave authenticity.

Release dateDec 6, 2022
Acting the Part

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