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Braided: A Not Not True Story
Braided: A Not Not True Story
Braided: A Not Not True Story
Audiobook7 hours

Braided: A Not Not True Story

Written by Robert Speigel

Narrated by Robert Speigel

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Overwhelmed by the discovery of her mother’s deception and the secrets of her ancestor’s origins, a young Seattleite slips deeper into prescription opioid addiction. Braided tells the story of how she discovers her true purpose during a deadly fentanyl overdose.

    Mira’s body lies lifeless in her designer recliner, an empty pill bottle on the floor beside her. Her frozen eyes are no longer able to see the Seattle city lights sparkling below, and her lungs no longer able to breathe the fresh Puget Sound air. Joined by the spirit of Jakob, who departed his body lying dead on the bloody battlefield of Lexington, Massachusetts on April 19, 1775, their spirits hover together near the ceiling of her downtown high-rise.

Braided is a journey worth taking. It is an eloquently woven story about a modern woman whose view of herself and the world around her evolves in many unforeseen ways. Mr. Speigel creates compelling characters with unique voices and perspectives. The psychological twists and turns will have the reader embracing the not not true nature of her travels.

Christina Cahill, Managing Director, HUMANITAS Prize

My first impression was….Wow, what a terrific beach read! I’m enjoying the sun and salty breeze as I read a hugely entertaining and accessible book. Then you had me. The story turned deeper and deeper, more complex and shaded. Ultimately Braided is a story and study of human foibles, family systems and dysfunction, religious thought, Holocaust, theology, and mysticism.

Rabbi Samuel K. Joseph, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Jewish Education, Hebrew Union College

Release dateMar 15, 2022

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