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Serpent Loop
Serpent Loop
Serpent Loop
Audiobook6 hours

Serpent Loop

Written by Lynn Lipinski

Narrated by Brett Noris

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

"Five stars. An intricately woven crime drama thriller with a lot of heart"—Readers' Favorite

"Rising mystery author Lynn Lipinski keeps it real in the second book of her Zane Clearwater Mysteries series."—Pacific Book Review

"...First-rate fiction..." —IndieReader

"...gripping and well-paced..."—Kirkus Reviews

A new beginning emerges from chaotic destruction.

Witnessing a murder at the carnival he works for was a painful reminder of Zane Clearwater's dark past. He had hoped all that was behind him, but one look at the fear on his sister Lettie's face and he's right back in the thick of it. Even if means jeopardizing his dream of becoming a police officer, he's desperate to protect her at all cost.

Unfortunately, that may be harder than anticipated. Zane knew Lettie was a whiz with a computer, yet he had no idea she was putting some of those skills to work on the dark web in questionable schemes that have landed her in serious trouble.

Zane has a slew of questions.

As do the police... and the FBI.

When Lettie takes off for California, Zane embarks on a journey of discovery if their unbreakable bond has its limits. Can he keep the promise he made to himself and protect Lettie? Or is this one mess she will have to face on her own?

"Readers will be hooked on the brother-sister team and assorted shady characters." -Kirkus Review

SERPENT LOOP is the second book in the Zane Clearwater Mystery series. The first book is BLOODLINES.

Release dateJul 7, 2022
Serpent Loop

Lynn Lipinski

Lynn Lipinski is a writer who channels an overactive imagination into fictional worlds where justice rules, karma is a bitch and the good person comes out on top. Her second book, "God of the Internet," was named to Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Books of 2016 list.Her first book, "Bloodlines," is set in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which also happens to be her favorite place to write about even though decades of living in L.A. have worn away the Okie accent. She earned an M.F.A. in creative writing from Mount St. Mary's University in 2018.

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