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Making Love with the Land: Essays
Making Love with the Land: Essays
Making Love with the Land: Essays
Audiobook6 hours

Making Love with the Land: Essays

Written by Joshua Whitehead

Narrated by Joshua Whitehead

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A moving and deeply personal excavation of Indigenous beauty and passion in a suffering world

In prose that is evocative and sensual, unabashedly queer and visceral, raw and autobiographical, Joshua Whitehead writes of an Indigenous body in pain, coping with trauma. Deeply rooted within, he reaches across the anguish to create a new form of storytelling he calls "biostory"—beyond genre, and entirely sovereign. Through this narrative perspective, Making Love with the Land recasts mental health struggles and our complex emotional landscapes from a nefarious parasite on his (and our) well-being to kin, even a relation, no matter what difficulties they present to us. Whitehead ruminates on loss and pain without shame or ridicule but rather highlights waypoints for personal transformation. Written in the aftermath of heartbreak, before and during the pandemic, Making Love with the Land illuminates this present moment in which both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are rediscovering old ways and creating new ones about connection with and responsibility toward each other and the land.

Intellectually audacious and emotionally compelling, Whitehead shares his devotion to the world in which we live and brilliantly—even joyfully—maps his experience on the land that has shaped stories, histories, and bodies from time immemorial.

Editor's Note

Body, land, and spirit…

After penning the Lambda Award-winning novel “Jonny Appleseed,” Whitehead turns to nonfiction in this essay collection that explores body, land, and spirit. Themes of grief and trauma, the queer Indigenous identity, and our responsibility to the Earth play heavily in the essays, and Whitehead’s prose is engaging and vivid.

PublisherTantor Audio
Release dateDec 27, 2022
Making Love with the Land: Essays

Joshua Whitehead

Joshua Whitehead est un poète et romancier bi-spirituel autochtone du Canada. Membre oji-cri/nehiyaw de la Première Nation manitobaine de Peguis, il est l’auteur du recueil de poésie Full-Metal Indigiqueer, publié en 2017. En 2016, Whitehead a reçu le Prix d’histoire du Gouverneur général en arts et récits autochtones. Son roman Jonny Appleseed, publié en anglais au printemps 2018 a retenu l’attention de la critique dès sa parution, il a reçu le prix Georges Bugnet et le Lambda Literary Award. Il a également été finaliste au Prix du Gouverneur General, au Amazon Canada First Novel Award, au Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award, au Winnipeg Book Award, au Alberta Literary Award, sur la longue liste pour le Scotiabank Giller Price et il est considéré comme l’un des 100 meilleurs titres du Globe and Mail.

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