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A Surprise For Abigail
A Surprise For Abigail
A Surprise For Abigail
Audiobook3 hours

A Surprise For Abigail

Written by Tracey J. Lyons

Narrated by Kimberly Austin

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Publisher's Weekly bestselling author, Tracey J Lyons tells a heart-warming story of suspense and love, in A Surprise for Abigail, book one in the popular Women of Surprise series.

A jaded drifter on the run. A young woman with a broken heart. Can these two strangers find what they are looking for in a quirky small-town called Surprise?

Cole Stanton was a man on the move. On his own since the death of his family, he's drifted from town to town, shielding his heart from attachment to anything or anyone.

Abigail Monroe had been busy planning her wedding until the day she was jilted by her intended. Broken-hearted with her future hopes dashed, Abigail vows to never fall in love again. Desperate to get away from the embarrassment of the breakup, she escapes to the town of Surprise to stay with her sick Aunt Margaret.

However, when Abigail arrives, she finds that her aunt has an unorthodox request of her; become the town’s first woman sheriff!

When Abigail agrees, her life is soon turned upside down. Her first arrest is none other than Cole Stanton. After his arrest, it becomes clear to Abigail that Mr. Stanton could be much more than what he seems.

He may very well be a wanted man…wanted by the law, and by her. 

Release dateOct 19, 2022
A Surprise For Abigail

Tracey J. Lyons

Publisher's Weekly bestselling author, Tracey sold her first book on 9/9/99, the day everyone thought all the computers would crash. A National Excellence in Romance Fiction, The Greater Detroit Booksellers best and OKRWA’s Reader’s choice awards finalist. A true upstate New Yorker, Tracey considers herself a small-town gal who writes sweet and inspirational small-town romances. To learn more about Tracey visit www.traceyjlyons.com.

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