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Three Milongas: One Metamorphosis
Three Milongas: One Metamorphosis
Three Milongas: One Metamorphosis
Audiobook51 minutes

Three Milongas: One Metamorphosis

Written by Tanguera Writer

Narrated by Lisa Angelini

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Tanguera, an experienced tango dancer, thought she knew what tango was until three milongas,tango dance events, permanently changed her pale and egocentric life to what she had deeply longed for but never imagined to be possible.

An emotional, sensual, and spiritual recollection of real events and of the transformative power of tango.

“Three Milongas” is the fiction-infused recollection of the events, based on a true story, that led to my metamorphosis.

"It makes me want to tango!"

-Susan Edwards

Release dateDec 17, 2022
Three Milongas: One Metamorphosis

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