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Sinister: Unhallowed
Sinister: Unhallowed
Sinister: Unhallowed
Audiobook5 hours

Sinister: Unhallowed

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About this audiobook

They thought they could destroy House Sinister for good, but they weren’t expecting Evangeline...

This series is loaded with dirty jokes and adult language.

Evangeline was living a great life in the Badlands as a Guard at House Sinister, but her world is shattered when three rival Houses attack. She's forced to watch as her mentor and father figure is slaughtered.

His dying command: The House must survive at all costs.

She escapes to the upperworld, landing her in the middle of Los Angeles, where she possesses the body of a wealthy philanthropist.


Too bad she catches the eye of the Black Ops Paranormal Police Department. In exchange for keeping her identity a secret, she agrees to work for the undercover organization.


There are killers hunting for her, and the PPD is putting her life on the line daily, but rage is on her side. All she has to do is survive one year and then she can bring honor back to House Sinister. Besides, it'll give her the chance to kill a handful of the vicious bastards, and that's a perk she'll gladly embrace.

When that year is up, though, Evangeline will return to the Badlands with her two best friends: Pain and Death.

Release dateJan 1, 2020
Sinister: Unhallowed

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