About Finance & Money Management

A subsection of business and economics, finance, and money management audiobooks serve as guides toward smart financial decisions. Generally speaking, finance is related to investments, which can touch on either the corporate world or the personal world, often known as personal finance.

Finance and money management writers study not only strategies for better financial health but also the events and forces at work in the larger financial world. Bitcoin, the existence of billionaires, the cost of college tuition, and the extended impact of the Great Depression and the Great Recession are all fodder for this genre. Beyond these larger dynamics, some writers study the people behind profit, like Jeff Bezos and the Amazon model.

While many of the entries in the finance and money management genre are geared toward everyday people and their personal handling of money, the genre also shines a light on economic policies, lending, the banking system, the stock exchange, and inflation. This genre spans centuries, including both Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and Michael Lewis’ The Big Short under one category. Learn more about the history of money and the financial system when you choose from these finance and money management audiobooks.