About Historical Fiction

Historical fiction audiobooks allow listeners to travel back in time, taking up arms alongside Civil War soldiers, teetering in a cobblestone alleyway in 18th-century London, or reimagining a fateful day in 1960s Texas. Often pulling rich detail from in-depth research, these stories engulf the reader in the tone and ambiance of the time.

While some historical fiction opts to retell a familiar, true-life story from a different perspective or alternative timeline, many historical fiction authors immerse the readers in an old time period and tell fanciful, fully fictionalized stories. Common eras include medieval, regency, or Victorian times in England, or and the time surrounding World War II or the Civil War in the United States. From historical mysteries to historical romance, from pirate fiction to historical fantasy, storytellers pull inspiration from a wide selection of genres.

Even more than other genres, historical fiction audiobooks offer listeners the opportunity to slip into the mind of someone else. From Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner to Tracy Chevalier’s Girl with the Pearl Earring, these stories help readers step back in time.

Find yourself in an unknown era when you start one of these captivating historical fiction audiobooks.