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I like to laugh. I like witty people. When I'm not writing, riding my horses, or working in my ga... see more see less

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Books Authored
A NEATS Analysis of Children with Sexual Behavior Issues & Their Families
Incest and Its Effects on Families
Detecting the Potential for Violence
What Child Sexual Abuse Means to Child Survivors
A NEATS Analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Family Incest Treatment
What Child Sexual Abuse Means to Abusers
How to Teach Children to be Sex Offenders
Grounded Theory, Deductive Qualitative Analysis, & Social Work Research
Will the Soccer Star
Children & Adolescents with Problematic Sexual Behaviors
The Little Pig Who Didn't Go To Market
Forensic Interviewing of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused
Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children
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