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Jenna Powers is a sultry executive assistant by day who lets her fantasies come ... see more see less

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Plantation Payback (Interracial Cuckolding Gangbang Erotica)
Big Black Blind Date (First Person POV Interracial Cuckold Erotica)
The Realms of War Trilogy 1 (Fantasy Goblin/Werewolf/Troll Gangbang Sex Erotica)
The Realms of War Trilogy 2 (Fantasy, Reluctant, Elf, Monster Erotica Bundle)
The Realms of War 11
The Long Negotiation (Interracial Erotica)
The Amazing Cuck (Interracial Gangbang Husband Humiliation Erotica)
Seducing Her Big Black Neighbor
The Incredibly Horny Bulk
Covert Investigations 2
The Black Nailed Housewife 2
Lessons from the Black Neighbor 2
Fucked by the Monster Under the Bed Again!
Horny Housewives and Big Black Cocks 2
Her Luscious White Curves
Two Black Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place
Horny Housewives and Big Black Cocks 3
Chocolate Valentine
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