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KC Remington was born and raised in Connecticut before attending the School of V... see more see less

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Books Authored
Webbster and Button and Happy Hairy Huckleberry
Animal Tails ~ The Goat Who Lived in a Tree and other Dumb Ideas (Book 17)
The Blue Kangaroo! ~ A Children's Musical (Book 19)
W&B Go Golfing or Who Sat on My Cornbread! (Book 18)
Webbster and Button Children's Stories Book 20, The Comic Strips, Laughter, it's better than therapy!
Christine Sun's Rainy Day (Webbster & Button Children's Stories)
Christine Sun and the Cat Called Mouse (Webbster & Button Children's Stories)
Animal Tails ~ Stories of Survival in the Animal Kingdom (Book 14)
Animal Tails ~ Bugs, Bears, Birds and Celestial Objects (Book 15)
Animal Tails ~ Magic Moons and a Few Buffoons (Book 16)
Webbster and Button Meet Santa
Webbster and Button Ride to the Rescue
Webbster and Button and The Ice Palace
Webbster and Button and The Black Castle
Webbster and Button And The Flying Saucer
Webbster and Button and The Magic Lantern
Webbster & Button Find a Home
Webbster & Button And the Crows
Webbster & Button And the Lonesome Lion
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