Henry Dong

Where Do Capabilities Come From and How Do They Matter
When Using Knowledge Can Hurt Performance
Types of Firms Generating Network Ex Tern Ali Ties and MNCs' Co-location Decisions
Toward a General Theory of Competitive Dominance
The Value From Acquiring and Divesting a Joint Venture
The Role of (Hyper-)Core Self-evaluations in Strategic Decision-making
The Persistence of Distance
The Influence of the Financial Press on Stockholder Wealth
The Influence of Management Journals in the 1980s and 1990s
The Co-evolution of Capabilities and Transaction Costs
Symbolic or Substantive Document
Strategy Making in Novel and Complex Worlds
Strategic Leadership and Executive Innovation Influence
Strategic Leadership and Executive Innovation Influence
Strategic Frameworks for Understanding Employer Participation in School-To-work Programs
Stakeholder Management as a Predictor of CEO Compensation
Stakeholder Influences on Sustainability Practices in the Canadian Forest Products Industry
Revisiting the Miles and Snow Strategic Framework
Response to McGahan and Porter's Commentary on Industry, Corporate and Business-segment Effects A
Resources and Transaction Costs
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