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Report of the K-12 Student Performance and Efficiency Commission to the 2015 Kansas Legislature
Wichita Chamber Leadership Council Grow Primary Jobs 10-17-13
Jeff Longwe Jeff Longwell campaign finance 2015-01-10 mayorll Campaign Finance 2015-01-10 Mayor
Approval of Economic Development Incentive Agreement (Apex Engineering International, LLC)
Premier Processing Loan Agreement
Wichita Sales Tax Vote, November 4, 2014
Wichita Old Town Cinema TIF Update September 19, 2014
Five-Year Budget Plan for the State of Kansas
Resolution Considering the Establishment of the Union Station Redevelopment District (Tax Increment Financing)
An Evaluation of the Kansas Affordable Airfares Program
Affordable Airfares Funding Agreement With Sedgwick County 2014-08-12
CEDBR fiscal model presentation to Wichita City Council
TIF History and Performance Report, Wichita 2011
Sedgwick County economic development incentives 2013 status report
Development Plan for Downtown Wichita
State of the City Address 2014
Kansas Legislative Briefing Book, 2014
Karl Peterjohn Campaign Finance 2014-01-10
Jim Howell Campaign Finance 2014-01-10
Tim Norton Campaign Finance 2014-01-10
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