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I am running very late in getting my review of "The Diabetes Manifesto: Take Charge of Your Life" by Lynn Crowe and Julie Stachowiak as my family and I have had a crisis that brought chaos into our lives for the last 5 months! I am happy that I can finally fulfill the obligation of reviewing this book to share how important and timely the information given was during our period of crisis. The information in the Diabetes Manifesto begins with the first step of accepting a lifetime dealing with an incurable disease with the eventual goal being mastery of the knowledge needed to help the diabetic become an expert. One thing that makes this book unique is the author's goal to minimize the disease aspect in the life of the diabetic. In that way diabetes can be managed by ruling over it without letting it rule over them! The book includes the many options available for diabetics to be able to choose a "best path" for their own diabetic needs! Armed with knowledge the diabetic is able to make the best choice available to maintain a quality life. Also covered are aspects of diabetes that are not directly medical but are still a big part of managing diabetes, such as the impact that a chronic disease can have on individual emotions. Many resources are included throughout the book to expand the ability to research anything the diabetic may still have questions about! Among these are extra helps to guide in choosing a doctor that will offer the best care for a diabetic's unique case, as well as learning how certain other medications will work best in the diabetics individual situation. The medical information is also detailed and explained in a lay terms that make understanding easier for anyone with diabetes or family members of a diabetic. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about fourteen years ago. The crisis that rose up as this year began was our first time to deal with the effects that stress can cause in a diabetic. Having this book at this time book opened new solutions for my husband that we were not aware of before reading it! We were blessed to find out that so many of the difficulties that he encountered with his diabetes throughout our crisis time were due to the effects of stress. What to expect with the many symptoms or possible complications that can arise are covered so well with the information presented in a clear and organized system that this book is worth keeping handy as a permanent reference! By putting diabetes in its place one can still live life to the fullest despite having a lifelong chronic disease! I can enthusiastically recommend this book for anyone who is diabetic or dealing with diabetes in some way!