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This book has been sitting in its place of honor in the main bathroom for some two months now and a page or two is read each day. I do this because it is not jest another book, but rather a text book on a disease I have had for half a decade and of which I find little information cemented together as it is here. Although I have digested only about 80 of the 240 texzt pages (or one-third of the book), I can state unreservably that, if the book were to end at page 86, say, it would already have provided me every penny of information for its selling price. This is a must book, fellow diabetics, as it seems to be all in here. If the continuing perusal of the book as I wander towards the end changes my opinion any re this review, I shall return and edit it to reflect these changes. Meanwhile, if you have diabetes or love and care for someone who does, buy this book.