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I wish I had had this book fifty years ago. If you, reader, have been recently diagnosed as a diabetic you probably should have this book in your library. If you are a long time diabetic you already know much of what is in here, at least on the emotional level. But it is a hell of a reference book for those of us who are diabetic. If you have diabetes (either type 1 or type 2) the problems you will face over the years are described here and possible actions suggested. Please be aware, this is not an especially well written book. It is much like a high school pep rally, but it is well researched and well edited. I will keep the book nearby just for it's index. If you are a recently diagnosed diabetic or the parent of child recently so diagnosed, the $18.95 cover price is most likely less than a doctor's office visit and will probably give you an upbeat, positive answer to your most recent question about diabetes.