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This is the second self-help book I have received through the Early Reviewer program. I live with a person with type II diabetes who has had major health complications over the past year. I wanted to learn more about the disease and be able to communicate with him better around its many issues. I don't have diabetes myself.I have read many, many self-help books, as well as many books that are about health-related topics. I used to teach management seminars on things like stress and I had to have a fairly good layman style understanding of what causes stress and the like. So I think I have some basis for comparison here, and I think that this is a very good example of what a self-help book should be.Lynn and her co-writer (who concentrated on the more technical medical and pharma sections) concentrated on a positive, what you can do, approach, that was a real breath of fresh air given that the information surrounding diabetes (particularly type II) is so judgmental and didactic, particularly about exercise, diet, how bad insulin is, etc. In contrast to that kind of stuff, this was objective, full of useful suggestions about how to learn more and take more charge of your condition, and a lot of very good pointers on the doctor/patient relationship.The book included a lot of online resources and advice about navigating the huge amount of information on the Internet.It looks like this is part of a series of "manifestos" about various different kinds of diseases. This is the sort of book that will help people cope with chronic illnesses without being preachy and didactic. I really don't have any negative critiques, except that at times I thought the author made her point at too much length, but as I'm not the actual disease sufferer that the book was designed for, it's hard to say that it is really a flaw - I am sure if the issue were more immediate, I might like the reassuring flow of the writing and not get impatient with it.If you have diabetes, either type I or type II, or if you are related to someone who does, this book will give you a lot of good information and advice. Highly recommended.