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Author: Kenya WrightPublished by: DragonFairy PressAge Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 4Review:"The Burning Bush" by Kenya Wright was second installment of this authors 'The Habitat' series. This novel was about 'Lanore' who was the daughter of the demented Demon. You may need to read the first book by this author..'Fire Baptized,' to really understand parts of this second novel In the "The Burning Bush" that Lanore who had been involved with some 'blowing up of some of Dante Bottelli 's companies' and it seems that Detective Rivera finds out of Lanore's involvement and then he then blackmails her into helping him solve another crime which involved two women that had been murdered clinging to a burning bush. You will find that the plot is very intriguing keeping you totally involved in this emotional roller coaster ride. I found all of the characters so well developed and so captivating read having paranormal/fantasy/shapeshifter/vampire/magic/witches/romance and yes, even some mystery in this read. You will find "The Burning Bush's" author is not "afraid of the grit or horror of discrimination and injustice." She will create a story that is both 'horrible and even mesmerzing' just leaving me to say: Wow! And at the end...a be ready for a 'cliffhanger.If you are looking for a very engaging book that will keep you turning the pages... you have come to the right place...for "The Burning Bush" would be recommended to you.