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Well, what can I say..I am now a fan of metal music even though I've never really listened to it. On impulse, I had the opportunity to read book 4 (Trey's story) before realizing that the story was part of a series. Once I read it, I had to go back to read the beginning.

I loved each of Ms. Cunnings books, Backstage with Brian and Myrna was wonderful. The scenes with the ex-husband were a little stupid on Myrna's part, built overall the story of how the meet and the sexual chemistry was off the chain. Brian was so sensitive which plays great given he is in a heavy metal band. While Myrna is a professional women, she had no problem allowing her "freak flag" to wave eventually. Great start to the series.

Book 2- Rock Hard (Sed/ Jessica)--this was a great read. You get a real sense of how Sed handles the members of his band, but also, how Jessica handles Sed. Initially it seems that sex was the foundation to their relationship and they had very little knowledge about each other..once they reunite after the failed engagement, they discover more than they imagined and after surviving an infamous sex tape, they're bound together better than ever.

Book 3- Hot Ticket (Jace/ Aggie)--well what can you say. I learned some things about bondage and pain and can I say "interesting outlet". Jace is so reserved in his day to day life, so his "personal needs" are a bit of a shock. Everyone thinks that he's so adorable and cute (which he totally is..probably), but he has some demons that is seems only Aggie can help him slay. Iespecially enjoyed how Jace and Eric inadvertently become better friends.

Book 4- Wicked Beat (Eric/ Reb)--In this book I loved the honesty not only between Eric and Rebekah, but also within the band. It seems that every know that Eric is a 2 second man in the bedroom and indulges his fantasies via voyerism for both his pleasure and their own. However, they don't make him feel bad about nor is he secretive about it. In walks Reb, while she isn't struck by him at first, his natural charm wins her attraction away from Trey soon enough. She is the one woman to help him with his issue, just like he is the one man she can be completely herself with..the twist with her ex-fiance is hysterical.

Book 5- Double Time (Trey/ Regan/ Ethan)..all i can say is the old saying "there's a lid for every pot, well, sometimes there are 2)..after loving Brian for so long, it's great to see that Trey was finally able to find love on his own. It's a perfect story of when you're open to love at the right time, wonderful things can happen. Seeing Trey fall for a man and a woman was wonderful and so normal after reading the other stories. You're just happy that he's happy.

Now on to a wonderful story of everyone's wedding.

Happy Reading!