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My son's preschool teacher gave me this book and it changed how I saw my child. And my self. I was a spirited child long before there were books about it and suddenly I understood so many things about me as a child, as an adult and about my son. No negative labels your kid might eventually think they need to live up to, just positive explanations, comfort and a reminder that though your child may not be like all the kids in their class there are other kids like them and they are good kids.My son is 12 now and lots of the things we stuggled with during the early years have resolved themselves but he is still who he is and often does not do what other kids do. Kurcinka helped me to understand him better, to parent from the heart and stick to my guns. Whether that be with my son or in his defense. We talk about individuality but when kids don't conform they, and their parents, often face lots of comment, complaints and unsolicited advice. More so than standard parenting comes with.It's a great book. I highly recommend it.