This was one of the lingering books I hadn't gotten to yet from the cool down with A.C. challenge this summer. I am so glad that I finally got to it. Usually Hercule Poirot annoys me but I kind of liked him in this one. This was a fast paced mystery coming in at around 200 pages. In this book we find Hercule Poirot challenged by a killer through letters sent to him. He must stop the killer before he commits another murder based on the alphabetical letter of the victim's name. Of course the killer's downfall is that he thinks he can outsmart Poirot. Let's just say that it doesn't took many letters for Poirot to figure the killer's identity. Like most of Christie's books I didn't have the solution figured out. The wrap ups are always so brilliant that I am always left wondering why I didn't put the clues together. This is another wonderful outing from the queen of crime that should leave Poirot fans especially more
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